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How it all started

Sorry Tea, but we will have to let you go. Please don't come back to the office next monday.

a beast was born.

10 minutes after the initial shock,

Instead of letting that message break us, we started waking up at 3:50 in the morning to turn dreams into reality. After 6 months of pro bono and demo work, we secured our first big client. The rest is history.

Former Boss

13th November 2018, 15 minutes after landing home from London

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So here's the deal ...

If you ever felt …

You needed a premium app experience
You needed a premium app experience

You shoud be iterating and adding new features faster
You shoud be iterating and adding new features faster

You wanted to stand out from your competition
You wanted to stand out from your competition

Why trust us?


Constantly improving and coming up with results that bring smile to your face is our fuel. We never stop until your wishes are fulfilled. The higher your expectations, the greater our motivation!

From zero to hero

We know how to grow business from the absolute zero. Don’t only expect designs that look pretty. Expect designs and user experience that will help you grow your business.

Ahead of the game

Getting college degrees was not when we stopped learning. It was actually the start of our learning process. We invest heavily into our design & business education in order to stay at the top of our game.

Slide 350life rocks! What working with 350life looks like

350life was founded by two exceptional individuals with incredible work ethics and knowledge. Tim & Tea always exceed expectations and do all that on time. I'm very impressed with their work and will be happy to have them work their magic on as many projects as possible. The work they have done on Estable is exemplary. They have transformed our digital experience and set-up an iterative beast that keeps growing.

Mark Kalin,
Director 1337Works d.o.o. Slovenia


What you get from us

First meet Tim

Business savvy UX designer

UX design

Design system

In comes Tea

UI & design system goddess

• Tim gets to know you and your business goals.

• He then gets to know your customers.

• He prepares a review of your current UX and lays out the foundations on which we then build.

UI design

• Time to turn ideas into a living product. Tea always delivers.

• Great UX & UI is one thing. But your app also needs to be developed. We make sure our design solutions are easy to implement and are loved by your developers.

• Single source of truth.

• With a design system implemented, you can now design & develop new features in no time. It's time to send your product to the moon!

Built in the last 12 months

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01 DIRECT4.ME UX/UI & Design System
2020 -
02 ESTABLE UX/UI & Design system
2020 -
03 VALÚ UX/UI - VALÚ KLUB, VALÚ MC & app za A920
2020 -
04 VALÚ MC VALÚ MasterCard® Debit Card Design
2019 -

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